DRC – EPST: There will be no resumption of classes on Monday, announces Willy Bakonga

The Minister of Primary, Secondary and Technical Education (EPST) announced last Wednesday that there will be no resumption of classes this Monday, February 8 in primary and secondary schools in the DRC.

To this end, Willy Bakonga hinted that a date will be communicated later after the examination of the proposals made to the government and to the Multisectoral Committee to fight against Covid-19 for the resumption of classes.

” The decision to resume courses is not only the prerogative of the EPST ministry. Experts from the EPST ministry have worked on several timetables with the assumptions of different dates for resuming courses. All these proposals are under consideration at the level of the ministry, at the level of the government and of the Multisectoral Committee to fight against the Covid-19. As soon as the situation allows, the President of the Republic will raise an option and the date will be communicated to you officially “, declared the Minister of EPST.

At the same time, Willy Bakonga called on teachers, parents and students for calm and serenity.

” I take this opportunity to appeal for calm and serenity to teachers, students, parents, educational partners. It is an unprecedented situation that we are going through. But we are putting all the batteries in motion to save the education of our children, ”he argued. 

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, classes have been suspended at the EPST since December 18, 2020. This measure was taken by the President of the Republic, Félix Tshisekedi, as part of the fight against the second wave of the pandemic of Covid-19.

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